Ignore This at Your Own Risk!

Exploring the behaviour of our mind is a massive undertaking, and you need to blend it into your trading model. Many novice traders only start giving their trading psychology the attention it needs as a last resort. For some, this is many years after they have started and already lost a considerable amount.

Your mindset should be the first subject you address when you start out. 

However, many of the inner demons do not surface until you make trades and you find yourself in various situations because of trading.

The very elements and successes you have had in the real world will more than likely be your biggest hurdle when trading. 

For example, when I think of some very successful business people and reflect how they might apply themselves to trading then the outcome would be obvious. Many of these people are alpha males/females…. and letting go of control and outcome is not their forte in life and unless we prepare them to make massive psychological changes, their trading account will rapidly decline and require ongoing top ups.

Often a sports person’s mindset is ideal for trading. When you listen to successful sports people during an interview they give away their mindset and how it’s applied to the individuals sport. You will often hear them say things like “ I can’t control what the opposition does but I can manage my performance” or ‘I am just focusing on the process and I can’t control the outcome or ‘I have prepared to my full capacity and I am now ready to perform”.

The above quotes are exactly what your mindset needs to be when trading however this is often not the case and emotions will drive your trading rather than you managing your emotions.

The nice part of trading is that your account P&L represents where you are in your trading cycle. Small profits, lots of break events and loses managed within your equity management rules is a great place to be because you are at the point where you are just about to turn a corner and all that is needed is a bit of fine tuning and direction.

For most people trading is the most difficult endeavour that they will ever undertake. All of your demons will be exposed even if you can’t identify them, your trading P&L will be talking to you.

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Happy Trading, Steve.

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