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The 3 Most Valuable Trade Setups - Video & Handbook Course

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4 Lessons

Asia Range Trade –ART

Given the low level of liquidity and volatility during most Asian sessions, we need to find something we can trade. The ART has 2 set ups. It will depend on the mood of the market as to how often these set ups occur. We can go through weeks when it is almost daily and other periods can be much less. This set up concept is very cut and dry and has a low risk level due to the volatility. We use a few rules as a guide such as time of day and estimated session range.

3 Lessons

Big Figure

The big figure trade can be very reliable and even more so is the Fresh big figure. Each currency pair has its own personality and this means taking a big figure trade naked is not on. Various factors must be considered such as, price delivery into the level, time of day, Opening Stop Loss level, most recent touch and more. Also the response needs to be considered for trade management purposes. The response characteristic will vary for each currency pair.

Study each video and make a note of the specific characteristics listed for the pairs before you make this trade.

4 Lessons

Previous Session High – Low

PSHL- We will see this type of price action on most days for most currency pairs. Out of the 3 trade set ups we talk about in this course, PSHL is the more difficult to manage however offers the best response. We spend some time in this module discussing “price delivery and efficiency”. Price efficiency needs to be considered for all trades that you take, so this is a valuable lesson no matter what.

1 Lesson

Recap and development idea

We have a quick recap of all the bullet points that you need to consider for all 3 trade set ups and price delivery.

Very important for you to go over the course several times and start to focus in on which trade set ups you can connect with. Once you have been able to isolate your trade preferences, start to gather your thoughts on how to build out the concepts within your own trading model.

1 Lesson

Trade Examples

All 3 of the trade set ups in this course occur daily & weekly. This is where we add videos that relate to the trade set up. This gives you a “here and now” look at price within the current market. This will be important learning material as you develop your trading skills.

6 Lessons

Downloadable Handbook Series

*Course  Handbook Series 3 Most reliable Trade Setups - Introduction & Risk Disclosure

A brief overview of the entire course and the structure provided. An outline for each of the trade setups. Risk disclosure enclosed for your reading pleasure.

* Handbook Series - Asia Trade Range   ART

This particular trade offers two possible setups. We define each of these with explanations and chart images.

*Handbook Series - Big figure

Big and fresh big figure is explained with various examples. The trade setup is shown on various currency pairs along with their unique characteristics.


* Handbook Series - PSHL  Previous Session High-Low

PSHL is a setup that appears virtually every day. In this handbook we explore various examples and how to avoid being sucked into false setups.


* Slides for 3 Most Reliable Trade Setups 

All of the important slides from the course are packaged within this handbook. Over 50 slides are provided here.

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