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Introduction – Trade approach

Welcome to this short course where we try to give you a broad brush view of our trading approach and thinking.

We will outline many of the basic concepts and understandings on how we take trades and manage these situations.

The concept is to understand price, the market and yourself. By doing this your trade selection, trade entry and trade management will become one.

Price Action Basics

Within the relative short time frame of the course, we are unable to give you the inner depth details of price action as this discussed in the Mastering Course however, we give you the terminology of price action and how it looks.

Price delivery into a key level is the key to a successful trade. It will give you the information needed to either enter a trade or to pass.

Key levels

Every time frame has key levels. They can be identified on every time frame from a Tick chart to a monthly chart.

Our job is to find the key level that offers us the best price definition. The better the price definition surrounding the key level, the better the chance we get a positive trade.

Intraday traders can use 15 minute and 60 minute charts and a swing trader might look closer at 60 minute and 240 minute chart. There is no set rule but we must find quality price definition when identifying our key levels.

Trade Management

Write this down – “Fund the trade and remove risk”.

Our trade entries and selections are very accurate. With a good trade entry, price will reward you sooner rather than later but we are very mindful that price can turn us at any time.

This is why we need to fund the trade and remove our risk/exposure to the position.

This approach helps us to develop our own personal discipline.


What you allow to happen between your ears and your trading desk, will determine much of your trading success or failures.

Regardless of your trading approach, if you fail to understand yourself and many of the associated demons, you will more than likely fail at trading and you will need to stay within your day job.

Here we try to explain in a short amount of time some of the trading head space issues that many traders do not get to discover until they have been bitten over and over again.

The next Step

If you have reached this video, congratulations as you have been able to work through the concepts on offer within this course.

Many traders want the short cut version on how to trade and ultimately these people give up and move on with a negative experience from trading.

We offer you enough free up to date products that will take your trading to the next level. For those who are wanting to excel and take their trading and understanding of price to whole different level, we also offer various products via the website

Also, consider taking advantage of the free one on one consultation that is also available via the website.

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