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How to Master Trading Forex with EURUSD - Video & Handbook Course

7 Modules 27 Chapters 75 Lessons Easy

About this course

No indicators, no special formulas but an understanding of the market, price and yourself is what’s required to be a successful trader.


This Video course will give you the structure and foundation needed to trade on your own terms. Regardless of how long you have been trading, this course has valuable trading information that will help all traders that are prepared to put in the hard work to become consistent stress-free traders.


The course is built around the following three core modules:


  • Market & chart structure
  • Understanding the definition of price 
  • Trade management


The combination of all three will give most traders the desired edge that is needed to trade the market.

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Course Structure

2 Lessons

Module ONE - Welcome to How to Master Trading Forex with the EUR/USD

We use the EURUSD as a corner stone to building out our understanding of the market and price. Once the structure provided in the course has been edged into your psychology, you will then be able to take these new skills and apply them to other currency pairs or even other markets.


To get the most value from this course, you will have to be willing to put in the work that is required to be a successful trader. The work needed means that you design a development programme for yourself so that you will complete the course and apply the information to your own trading.


I welcome your commitment and focus to this Mastering course.

8 Lessons

MODULE TWO - Starting out

Starting out, this module allows us to get familiar with each other before we really start to get into the nuts and bolts later in the course.


We discuss the basics such as the trade set up and trading the EURUSD pair.


At the completion of this module, you will start to have an understanding of the trading approach as well as price basics.

10 Chapters

MODULE THREE - Components

This module is about gathering the periphery, the edge of the outskirts of our trading environment so that we have a MAP we can trade from.


This structure builds the foundation for price to move in and outwards from, until we define levels within our charts to execute and manage trades. Understanding the market structure relating to trading EURUSD and other pairs is essential and Module Two will cover all of these essentials. Also, consider reading the multiple support handbooks that are provided with this module.

9 Chapters

MODULE FOUR - Price Definitions

Understanding and identifying price is almost a study unto itself.


In Module Three we break down price and its valuable price structures. Often we don’t see what is in front of us until it is shown. Price is constantly in front of our screens but rarely is it understood to a level where you are able to describe price that you can almost see what is going on behind the candles.


This module sets out to give you the tools and understanding to literally connect with price action. Within the Handbook series provided are various examples relating to price definitions.

8 Chapters

MODULE FIVE - Management

By the time you have reached this module your understanding of the market and price has taken a positive development direction which will help you to identify low risk trades.


However, without quality trade management, trade selection and equity management, any required skills from other modules within this course will be wasted. Much of the trading process is about you and your mind.


This module offers you the structure to manage each potential trade however your discipline to remain vigilant with your trading approach and trade selection is paramount to your success.




Module Five Handbook downloads

All the handbooks for Section FIVE

1 Lesson

MODULE SIX - Trade Examples

In real time is where the rubber hits the road. Live trade examples are recorded for you to witness the trading process.


Also as important is the thinking behind each trade and the thinking with each action and decisions taken to manage the trade. Where possible, the trades provided are all live and recorded with each turning point within the trade.


There are also recordings of trade summaries where a complete live trade recording has not been possible. Each trade and every moment is unique thus every trade will expose different outcomes and personal growth.


This module will continually be updated with new trade examples.

1 Lesson


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