Best 5 Ways to Avoid Blowing Up Your Trading Account

This book will explain in detail why 95% of traders fail and only 5% succeed!

Stop losing money trading forex

How to avoid staring at an empty trading account.

How to improve and master your existing skills.

How to get steady profits rather than fast gains with huge blowouts.

At some point you start to realize that you are heading for a cliff, or worse, you have no idea your current trading practices are the shortest way to calamity. 

This book is for the trader that wants to build a solid foundation. 

If you are looking for short cuts, magic bullets or Harry Potters Wand, this book will not bring you satisfaction. Trading is a skill, one that can be learned like any skill, but it will take time and effort. The rewards on the other side however are magnificent for those that are open to learn and want to embrace change.

What I will get?

5 Chapters

  • Have you been set up to fail?
  • Retail vs Institutional traders, myth revealed
  • Leverage; Friend or Foe?
  • Your worst enemy
  • Overcoming the Greed Impulse

3 Solutions

  • Road to Self-Discovery
  • Team Work, where to Start
  • Experienced Help

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Risk when trading Forex

Forex and other financial derivatives are leveraged products and involve high level of risk. It is possible to lose all your capital.