About me? Sure... but it's mainly about YOU on this site!

I am born and bred in Australia and with many years of trading and teaching experience I am confident I can guide you through the trading process and make it as fun for you as it is for me. Trading doesn't have to be stressful, it does have to be REWARDING though!

We all should be able to reach a level of financial stability and freedom, this is not a far fetched dream but something that can be achieved, something I teach people in my courses and Ebooks.

It is my strong belief that the support on offer here will help improve your life as well as giving you a better and more in-depth understanding of trading forex.

I can start taking about even spread of trading price, risk management, psychology, discipline, fundamentals, etc..., but there will be plenty of opportunity to dig into that.


On this website I want to make a point as to why the focus currency pair is about trading EURUSD.  With my years of experience, I learned that newer or less fortunate traders make quicker progress by limiting their exposure to just this one currency. It allows  to gain a stronger relationship with one currency pair rather than splitting energy across a broad range. If you follow my guidance, this will become your trading advantage and protect your trading account. Not convinced? Get my Ebook, it's FREE, and you'll find plenty of value in there on how to avoid burning through your assets.

The trading approach I teach traders can be used on any time frame and various currency pairs however the bulk of the examples offered are for intraday trading strategies.

A special mention to all of my trading mentors over the years. A very special mention to my long term mentor and friend, Chris Lori who is an amazing trader and mentor. Also thanks to Rande Howell for his guidance.

Now it is YOUR TURN to benefit from my experience and let me guide YOU. Click below 👇 and schedule a call with me, it may become the most valuable 30 minutes of your life!

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Risk when trading Forex

Forex and other financial derivatives are leveraged products and involve high level of risk. It is possible to lose all your capital.