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All Insider Secrets Revealed

I am going to share with you all the insider secrets so you can become a top trader yourself! Being a professional forex trader since 2005, I know exactly what you need, to become profitable and consistent. 

Improve your trading skills and get to the next level!

Over the many years of trading successfully I discovered all the hidden secrets that were making the difference between being a consistent profitable trader or just a down right terrible un-disciplined trader. Since these discoveries I have been able to utilize these unique methods and applied them to my clients, and the results have been amazing.

Three Trading Pillars

How to Become a  Self Thinking Trader

By teaching you how to understand and feel price will become a game changer for you.

Price is the purist and most transparent indicator available. Once you have developed an understanding of price your trading results and trade selection will be amazing. Price is king.

Stress Free Money Management 

Do you want to learn how the smart fund managers handle risk? How they manage trades and build a new account? This is the corner stone of any traders trading model and yet it is not spoken about in the depth that it deserves. Stress free money management will give you the tools to trade in a calm an intelligent manner.

Secret Formula to Consistent Profits

The EUR-USD pair is  the most traded forex currency, making it more ‘predictable’ than most others. Certain patterns can be identified and over the many years of trading successfully, I discovered several hidden secrets that are making the difference between being a consistent profitable trader or just an un-disciplined trader. 

Three Free Resources 

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Avoid Costly Mistakes - Read my E-book!

This EXCLUSIVE E-Book "Best 5 Ways to Avoid Blowing Up Your Trading Account" (value $59.99), is NOW FREE for you for visiting my website, BUT ONLY IF FIT BELOW CRITERIA:

Ebook Mastering Fx Trading

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Stop losing Money

Find Direction and the Right Path

Stop Frustration and Self-Doubt

Build Solid and Strong Foundations

Our Success Stories

It is as if Steve has a sixth sense about price but it is clear that he has been trading for years and has a found a very unique way to transfer that experience across to his students. Together we worked on 

my trading psychology, money management and trade selection and of course connecting with price.

Dooley Zantis, Brisbane

Steve uses the 'Zone of proximal development" when teaching. It is like having tailored made lessons designed to your unique trading  situation. Finally, I can call myself a successful trader.

Mark Alcock, Australia

By using EURUSD as the foundation pair, my trading  psychology,  management & equity management developed to the point that I have now transferred those skills across to other pairs. My trading consistency and trade selection simply went through the  roof after Steve worked with me. Wish I had hooked up with him much earlier.

Greg Chambers, London

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